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Since 1966, Industrial Vilassarenca has an extensive experience manufacturing molds for aluminum injection. Our customers cover areas as diverse and competitive as the automotive, hydraulics, power, lighting and the renewable energies.
In 2000 the German company MWK, with some of the major automotive groups among its customers, joins the shareholders.
That provides Industrial Vilassarenca with new technical capabilities, a greater financial support and a clear international dimension.
Our large and experienced team, with proven technical capability, allows us to offer solutions to our customers in:

· die cast injection.
· Design, manufacturing and maintenance of molds.
· Surface finishes.
· Pre-assembly.
· Metrology applied to quality.
· RX Control

The goal of Industrial Vilassarenca is to become a valuable technical partner to our customers. The sectors in which they work are highly technological, very dynamic and shaply orientated towardse quality and R & D + I.
Thinking with the customer, being proactive and understanding their needs, we will achieve the expected results.
Our methodology, as proved by ISO / TS 16949 ensures the quality of our products and services

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