Our portfolio of products and services includes:

· Casting
· Molds
· Mold manufacturing
· Tooling and Machining
· Part finishing

Every day we serve companies from very different sectors and with all kinds of size, geographical location and production methodology. We are experts in:

· Development of Molds
· High-pressure die cast Injection
· General set-up
· Kanban Systems, as well as JIT and related to precision logistics.

We are committed to offer an added value to the customer, ensuring that …

· We will be able to develop the needed product, implementing the most appropriate technical specifications and adapted to their productive profile.
· We will carry out the project in the shortest possible time, optimizing the product quality and always fulfilling the timing and the agreed objectives.
· Communication will be constant and transparent, sharing knowledge with our customers.
· We will introduce regularly our proposals for improvements to our customer, always with the goal of maximizing their Income Statement.

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