Automotive parts

Die-cast aluminium for the automotive sector

High-tech parts for various applications in the automotive sector, without added phases of final machining.

Heat sink

A heat exchanger that transfers heat generated by an electronic or mechanical device to another medium, regulating the device’s temperature to optimal levels for proper functioning.

Motor Bracket

Structural supports that hold parts together, onto the chassis or engine of the vehicle, so groups like the air conditioning motor, windscreen-wiper motor, alternator, etc. can be assembled before going into the vehicle.


Pivot Housing for Wiper Systems

Pivot housing are parts that transfer motion between the components in the vehicle’s windscreen-wiper system.
Manufacturing tolerances are very tight, motion must be transferred efficiently, preventing any unnecessary use of the motor, as well as untimely wear and tear on the system, noise and vibrations.


Multimedia housing, in addition to providing protection, are where the circuit boards are mounted for multimedia components in the vehicle, such as audio, video, GPS, etc. They also act as a heat sink so that the circuit boards don’t overheat, making them perform better and last longer.


Electric Gear Housing

The parts for windscreen-wiper motors are essential to the whole component. The strict manufacturing tolerances for these housing make engine performance in transferring motion highly efficient and quiet.

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